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Ever wonder where those tourist tax dollars go?

Some of the revenues directly fund Sarasota County arts and cultural organizations to offer high quality programming that continues to attract tourists to our area. The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County (formerly Sarasota County Arts Council) administers a little more than one million dollars each year in Tourist Development Cultural/Arts (TDC/A) grants.

Grants are available to organizations with recognized ability to produce, present and promote cultural and arts activities that appeal to tourists.

Highlights from the Guidelines require that organizations:

* have a completed one full year of arts/cultural programming as a Florida registered non-profit prior to application deadline,
* make the project accessible to the public and to disabled persons,
* demonstrate that the project has artistic/cultural purpose,
* demonstrate that the project is designed to attract tourists,
* be exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code,
* and match the dollar amount requested on a dollar-for-dollar basis, showing revenue specifically contributed for the program (25% of match may be in-kind for smaller organizations).

New applicants are encouraged to contact Fern Tavalin ( with questions about the program qualifications and requirements.

To view last year’s proposals visit:
Click on PDF to see the application.
Username: grantapp
Password: tdca
Keep in mind that these are examples of the original applications only. When the application narrative was unclear or incomplete, additional questions were asked in writing and during personal interviews. This link is provided to serve as an illustration of previously submitted applications and represents a range of scores from “very high” to “not recommended” for funding.

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